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How to live without a kitchen

Well it's now been a whole (very long) week of no kitchen, and oh boy is it hard work!

However there are a few things I have learnt which I'd like to share with you all...

1. Stay calm - take a deep breathe (of dust) and take one day at a time

2. Acceptance - Accept that the house is going to be a mess, yes that is every room, there will be stuff everywhere, there will be dust everywhere

3. Disorganisation - You will not be able to find anything, and I mean anything, whether its because its hidden under that cloud of dusk or just because there is stuff everywhere and you've forgotten how your very organised way of temporarily re-homing everything worked.

4. Workout - you'll find that actually it's a bit like a miniature workout living this way... up the stairs to get a plate, to the top of the house for the grater, back down oh no forgot a fork, back up, dishes in the bath, back up the stairs to put everything away. I think you are getting the idea - there are A LOT of stairs involved!

But its only temporary, keep calm embrace the dust and always keep in mind that it's going to be so much better once its all done!! The countdown is on...